Rick and Morty: The Whimsical Family Journey!

Rick and Morty is ranked among the most popular animated TV series in television history, with high ratings since its launch in 2017.In addition to being highly acclaimed by critics and receiving high ratings, it has become the only cartoon series in the Top 10 list. TV series rated on IMDB.

Rick and Morty was developed and produced by Justin Rowland and Dan Harmon, and distributed by Warner Bros. The episodes are aired on the screen of the American Adult Swim channel.

The Story Of Rick And Morty

The Story Of Rick And Morty Series

Rick and Morty is set in a comedy and science fiction series about the diary of the ingenious scientist Rick Sanchez and his 14-year-old grandson Morty Smith and their eccentric family members. The family travels between the various universes with the flying craft created by the grandfather and each time they face many dangers and take on many unexpected adventures.

Rick And Morty: Evolution Phases

Rick And Morty: Evolution Phases

The start was made by Justin Roeland, who made a short film about the adventures of the grandfather – The Crazy World – and his grandson, The Misadventures of Rick and Morty, which was screened at Channel 101 Short Film Festival. A television series, and then the development of the series and the script of the episodes was started by the hands of duo Justin Roeland and Dan Harmon.

The first season of Rick and Morty was aired on December 2, 2013, and in January 2014 – before the end of the first season – the television network announced the extension of the show for a second season thanks to its fans, and then continued the seasons of the series, which reached until Three seasons now include 32 television episodes, and the fourth season has been officially announced but the date of its release has not yet been set.

Untapped Facts About Rick And Morty

Facts About Rick And Morty

Viewers are passionate about getting behind the scenes of making their favorite works no less than their passion to follow them on the screen, so art makers often dwell on them during television and press meetings. During the preparation and implementation periods, including:

  • Rick and Morty’s relationship in the series is inspired by the relationship of my character Marty McFly and Dr. Brown from the famous science fiction film Back to the Future
  • The script of the first pilot episode of Rick and Morty took just six hours!
  • Justin Roeland suggested that all episodes end up destroying the planet as a result of Rick Sanchez’s crazy experiments, but Dan Harmon rejected the idea and thought it wasn’t as comical as Roeland envisaged.
  • In a shocking admission, the makers of the series admitted that they did not go according to a specific plan and did not try to create clear links between the episodes and each other, describing the series as “serial series”!
  • Justin Roeland wrote the lyrics of the song “Get Schwifty”, which was broadcast during the episodes as a child.

Rick And Morty Cast

Rick And Morty Cast

  • Justin Roeland (Rick Sanchez): a unique but alcoholic scientist who succeeds in developing advanced technologies that enable him to open and navigate the gates of the multiverse
  • Justin Roeland (Mortimer Smith “Morty”): a 14-year-old teenager and grandson of Rick who shares all his adventures.
  • Sarah Chalk (Beth Smith): a veterinarian who is the daughter of Rick, Morty’s mother and Samar Smith.
  • Chris Parnell (Jerry Smith): Beth’s husband, Morty’s father and Samar, is a disturbing person who always drives him into a collision with Rick.
  • Spencer Gramer (Summer Smith): Murti’s older sister, who shares with him and grandfather on a number of trips and adventures.

Awards And Prizes

Rick And Morty Winning Awards

Rick and Morty was ranked 9th in the IMDB-rated series with a rating of 9.3 / 10, making it the top-rated animated series on the site, four places ahead of its closest category, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Comes in thirteenth place. It was not much different on Rotten Tomatoes, where the combined seasons of the series recorded 79%.

Rick and Morty has won over a dozen nominations for art awards and has already won a number of them:

  • Emmy Awards for Best Animation Show of 2018
  • Critics Choice Award for Best Animated Series of 2018
  • IGN Award for Best Animated Series Twice 2015, 2017
  • Justin Roeland won the BTVA Award for Best Voice Performance “Men” in a TV series twice in 2015, 2016
  • Justin Roeland won the IGN Award for Best Comedy Performance in a TV series in 2017