Rick and Morty: The Intoxication And Madness Of A Writer Or A Brilliant Genius?

A very large percentage of viewers tend to watch satirical cartoons, such as Simpson for example, or Family Guy, and I am surprised at the number of people who mock such series on the pretext that they are cartoon and for children, as the amount and quality of jokes in exactly the opposite.

To those who insist on their views, I present to you this series that you will change after you watch it, Rick and Morty. As a simple and preliminary glimpse of the series, it is a cross between the madness of an old scientist, the idiocy of his grandson, and the dullness of his daughter-in-law. They travel their adventures between parallel worlds and the multiverse, and face all that comes to mind a reasonable or crazy person, so that after watching it I became sure that the author is taking all kinds of drugs before writing and drawing each episode.

Basic Story

Rick And Morty - Basic Story

As I mentioned earlier, there is no basic story for the series in general but rather sporadic stories, and the adventures of Grandfather Rick with his grandson Morty in different worlds, within a framework without ridicule on certain social customs and ideas.

Some may see a similarity between the series and the trilogy Back to the future.The producer has previously stated that the series was inspired by that wonderful trilogy, but many fans of the series refuse to believe this idea, and insist on the independence of Rick and Morty as ideas and origin.

Dialogue And Plot

What do you expect from a writer who takes drugs before writing the episode? All the dialogues and quotations in this series are a brilliant reflection of the discontent inherent in the writer’s mind towards some basic ideas, beliefs and social habits, and even at the level of scientific vocabulary invented by the writer, he conveyed that idea by contradicting himself intelligently and sarcasm in one episode through the following dialogue, After the Rick crashed:

  • Morty: There seems to be a problem with the carburetor
  • Rick: “Carburetor Quantum?” My goodness, Morty, you can’t add words from science fiction and hope they make sense… There seems to be a problem with the miniature battery.

In order to get to you the idea of madness in this series, the battery of the microcosm is simply a battery within which there is a whole universe, and within this universe there is a planet whose inhabitants work on pistons to provide energy to their homes, but 60% of that energy goes to run Vehicle Rick. You got the idea right?

Creators Of The Series

Rick And Morty: Creators Of The Series

Justin Roeland and Dan Harmon are the two minds behind the idea of the series. Harmon frequently condemned their voices and shined the idea of the series back then.

Justin has some notorious works such as Adventure Time, where he is the voice performer of the character Earl of Lemongrab, as well as his participation in the series of House of Cosbys, and the horror film Krampus. Harmon has a relatively larger number of old and lesser known works, but his most notable work is the producer and creator of the comedy series Community.

In a funny joke by Dan and Justin, they announced that the third season will be released on April 1, making everyone think it is a lie on April 1, but the surprise was that the channel had already shown a new episode in this delightful history for fans of the series. Two seasons have been shown so far and an episode of the third season, and the third season will resume this summer.

Now I will leave you with some quotes and quotes from the series:

– Grandfather Rick, can you help me with the science duty?
-Yes, don’t do it.

-What does “Globe Globe” mean?
– To the extent that the word offensive to dark-skinned married offensive word for women, and had a child raised by all the words offensive to the Jews, this is the Globe Globe.

It’s like Inception, if you see it as stupid and confusing it will suddenly become everyone’s favorite movie.

What? Should everybody sleep every night? Do you know that night time is half the life?

Love is just a chemical reaction that forces animals to reproduce. It is a powerful and moving thing, Morty, and then slowly disappears to leave you bound in a failed marriage. I did it and your parents did it, break this rule, Morty, lift it up, focus on science.

Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty.

No one is created by premeditation, no one belongs anywhere, we will all die.

Listen, Morty, I know that new things can be scary. You look around and everything is different, but you know you have to move on with it with strength and courage.

At a certain moment you must ask yourself, what are the chances that all this follows laws and not a lie we all say to ourselves because we are afraid to die alone? Anyway you know how everyone dies, they die alone.

Any wedding is a funeral but they serve a cake.

Do not touch your parents, or we will all turn into an infinite number of theoretical fragments.

School is not a place for intelligent people.

In the end, the series, like other cartoon series, is dedicated to those who are 18+ years old. enjoy watching!